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i've been boucing off the walls since 6 in the evening, when the sun sets so early here and there's nuthin to do at night u wish for the next day with desperate anticipation, so u toss around in bed at 8pm thinking its 11pm only to wake up at 11pm thinking its 5am in the morning, and when u see the time u walk around the house like a ghost, wide awake cause NOW!! its really too late in the night to do anything :)

so yeah, i'm reading alot more now, maybe i should write more and update this site, though nowan ever reads these musings so i should really start to plot sumthin evil then maybe the whole world would take attention:) i'm currently reading 3 different books...because i'm insane, i can't make up my mind which book i would really want to commit my time 2 and i get bore with one quick so i'm doing 3 at a time..its taking me forever....hahah!!! sorta like some bad analogy for relationships, but like i said its just an analogy, for the one i'm currently insane about:) if he ever reads this, your story is one i'm eager to stick with from start 2 finish:)

watched bits of Wimbleton, not really a tennis fan. The thing that annoys me is that Wimbleton screws up my weekly Star Trek Voyager tune-in, the only tv serious i follow religiously. Anyway, like last year the only game i was intereted in was the semi-finals between Rafter-Agassi and as always i root for Agassi...don't ask me why! maybe i like to see him cry at the end of every game...wheter he wins or looses, this year was particularly heart-wrenching, poor guy was yeah yay!! another year another Wimbleton, BRING BACK STAR TREK!!!!!

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