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The 'OdeWorld'
[Warning!!!!! - high levels of expectation from this site will result in definate dissapoitment and emotional distress!!!]

Salutations Outlanders!!!

Tschumi's writings on the paradox that exist between real space and ideal space in beguiling to most
the question of mind over body or vice versa? that kinda shit!!
the 'OdeWorld' is the derogative of its ode maker's reprensentation of Benard schumi's 'ideal space' in which the concept of 'Being'
is catapulted from mere physical trappings into the realm of cyberspace!!!
or in other words..i'm doing all this for my own personal glory :))))
anyway if u comprehend or even liked all that weird on here!!!


Oddey's 'Totful' Spot!





:) i know the 'ode' fascination is a bit excessive....till i can think up better subject titles dudes....humour me!!!!






here's the nice fella that made it all happen :)

here's the very grateful Oddey:)

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