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Manifestations of the mind Imagination is one of the greatest gifts that was ever bestowed on man. Why in the heavens would God give such a gift to man is anyone's guess. Some cynics might say that God did it so that we would come up with more creative and varying methods of worshipping him. I bet that he did not predict in entirety the state of perversion that we have managed to achieve. But it was no achievement. It was something that would be as natural as night and day. Even at the very dawn of communication, man has expressed his fear and happiness through drawings. And very soon when imagination begin to develop, his fantasies. And the truth is that because man has lived with insecurities and fears since the dawn of civilisation, not all his fantasies or creative thinking is for the propulsion and presercation of human life. Many of the best creations and most fantastical in nature are weapons and other means of obliteration. Because man... lives in fear of the unknown.... and man lives in fear of himself. And even this inate fear of himself is an emotional manifestation of his imagination. Because man can imagine all the terrible things that could happen and all the delightful disgusting things that he could do to others. It is only a matter of deductive thinking that others would have thought of the same things too. Hence fear. The fear of oneself. In the movie `SPHERE' an astro-physicist, a bio-chemist, a mathematician and a psychiatrist were sent on a mission to investigate an alien sphere. And needless to say... a whole lot of ugly things happened: or else there wouldn't be a movie would there.... i mean if people didn't die and things didn't get blown up. But the whole point is that.... they were granted the power to manifest their imagination into reality. And even this bunch of intellectuals could only manage to conjure up their deepest fears. I for one know that... if i were given that power, the entire world would be obliterated in a manner of seconds. Because.... i dare say... it is a very overwhelming thought. The entire fate of the world in my hands. I dunno.... Thank god for our imaginations..... and our desire to create our imaginations. And thank god also for our physical limitations and conscience. Well.... at least for the time being. I've gotta go to my aunt's house now... geez..wish i could just snap my fingers and be there..... `SNAP!'

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