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The BEAUTY of Violence. Violence.... like sex... is beautiful. I myself prefer the latter of course. But, you can't deny man's love affair with blood and gore from as early in time as anyone can remember. Playing the new game release by interplay called KINGPIN! - life of crime has made me realize how amusing and delightful i find busting some sorry sod on the head with a crobar or shoving a couple of nasty rockets down some bitch's face after she shouts "die you prick!" Or, better still roast some fat fucker (after he's yelled "die motherfucker!" and fired a couple of rounds with his tommygun at you) with a flame thrower and pumping a couple of shots into him with a shotgun. But... you know what? nothing beats maiming.... blasting a couple of rounds of heavy machine gun into some creeps legs.... and he still runs away....only to leave a trail of blood which allows you the opportunity of hunting him down like a dog... then, when you find him, you can empty the whole of your Magnum clip into his brains... now, that's beauty. I'm in love... with the idea of death and desecration.....I love the mafia.... i've watched the godfather trilogy twice over already.... and just recetly watched Analyze this and Mickey Blue Eyes... crap comedies... but... just enough amounts of humour and violence to keep it goin.... You see.... violence... can't even... or shouldn't even be seen as evil.... it could be made humorous.... more often than not even. The point is... our tolerence for carnage is not a good sign of the development of society and the fact is.... everybody is just gettin more and more screwed up as we progress. And, soon... sometime in the near future... let's say.... make it a hundred.... we might have grown numb. And, nothin shall affect us anymore. Could that ever be? Can we possibly deteriorate to a society so primal that we accept all forms of persecution and purgatory as natural acts of survival due to the course of nature? Maybe it was meant to be that way..... Just like the whole circle of life thingy.... the small fish gets eaten by the big fish who gets eaten by the bigger fish.....and so on.... etc. It's beauty. - one antagonistic MotherFucker

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