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ode zone ..... its my lil cyberspace i guess..(ideal space, real space..who gives a whoeei, bernard tshumi !! u should get a life!!!)).. but as far as deconstruction goes..its my lil cyberspace haven, the whiteroom, the abode....hope i can keep it least i don't have to clean the toilets here..craps!
your picture here
this is spose to be a one min page..but i think the avergare person, with as much amout of ficklemindedness as mine will take at least 5..but i took ten..i'm hopeless at this..but this darn pic is the one took up most of those seconds...look at it again!! just to make me feel better...
Nuthin but a space for me to gloat about my work(nun to speak of ) my intelect (turning to rot) my hobbies-( dull dull dull) my love life( working onit)..ahh ..nuthin but like a mundane regular sad life story to make u appreciate yours better.."if i could offer u one peice of advice...'don't listen to me".......I JUST WANNA SLIDE AWAY AND COME ALIVE AGAIN....
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