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Its funni but i never imagined shopping to be such a competition among the class, or rather the word 'competition' isn't really the rite word though it feels like i must buy up as much of Kl to take over to Perth to compete with some of the shopaholics offense intended though...but i didn't realized
the severity of this vicious cycle up till then i had alreadi bought the new pro vivid scanner,the zipdrive, the cool wastepaperbasket from ikea and the matching bedspread, things i wouldn't normally buy if i were
here....its strange how i was fully content with my haphazard style of living here...mismatched bedsheets n pillow covers, curtains from the 70's.
I was even drinking my milk from free gift mugs...all of a sudden because i'm flying off to australia..i feel complelled to have my daily calsium intake in nice frosted Ikea mugs that have to match my bed sheet of the week n also go with my frosted ikea wastepaper bin n by hook or by crook match my
pokemon bedroom slippers.....

Maybe i'm only feeling this way because i recently watched the movie
'fightclub'(go see it..its a 'henry' movie..u'll like' or maybe i just figured it all out by myself:P

anyways..tomorrow i'll go get myself somore shoes than i know wot to do
with, nice matching cd holders to go with my towels and shoe rack and
maybe a nice chair to match the computer table and alarm clock n a makeup bag for all the make up i never use but love to buy

all in all...i'm rather tired now...all that shopping just means more packing
n i'm way behind:(

self-confessed IKEA junkie signing off

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