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We were an advanced civilization, interstellar explorers that traverse the circles of the stars in the ocean of space. I have never seen space or the ocean, although they tell me it sings. The night sky and even the stars are alien to our people. The shield blankets the city in a golden glow so that it is mostly light in Aloenes. I have never even been outside the city for we are forbidden to leave the confines of the shield. They say the sky outside the shield is black as c'hakurah and littered with tiny lights as far as the eyes can see. Yet at other times a great ball of fire rises so bright that it would burn your soul should you cast your eyes into its fiery center as it extends its long reaching flames encompassing the heavens till the skies glow ember and gold. There is a legend that tells the story of Aloenes Landing, for our people stared too long at the fire yearning to posses its light and in doing so we damned our souls and fell from the heavens and the oceans. That day the sky bellowed and roared and let out a thunderous crack and broke down and wept as the star of our people extinguished itself and fell from the ocean of space like a comet of fire forever removed from the circles of the stars.

It is a sentimental legend. Complex and construed to the end. Reality is simple. The scientific journals of High Priest Willean Lynan recognizes that our 'spirit-energy' is linked to a collective energy and that life begins there and life forfeited returns to its ever lasting circle of power. Energy is forever perfect and balanced. The star Aloenes relies on the same theory, it is a world whose spirit is of a similar energy to ours. We refer to it as the 'Force'. It is believed that during our time in the circles of stars. We traveled in to close proximity of the Aloenes star and its 'Force' spirit. As our ships and technology were derived and created from our own 'spirit-energy', the two powers entwined and were drawn to each other. Our ships were pulled onto the stars's surface. There were 13 ships in total though only 7 survived the entry and impact, the others were incinerated by in the 'Surge' before impact. The 'Force' also made it impossible for our ships to leave the surface. When we entered the Aloenes' field of energy we threw the equilibrium of the 'Force' into a disarray. Many of our people were killed in the aftermath of the impact, those that attempted any use of our spirit energy were killed instantly by a backlash of energy called the 'Surge'. Thousands died a horrible and excruciating death. Their bodies were twisted and charred and their faces were forever locked in contorted agony.

excerpt from the journal of Elias Dyradres, second borne


"Are you sure you won't consider?" Gilean pressed one last time. "You know you will always be welcome in Father's house, even when it is mine."

Elias bit back a retort, he wondered if his brother realized how disparaging that remark felt. Instead his stilled his thoughts and gingerly touched the bruise on his left cheekbone. Even the slightest touch sent a tingling sensation over the left side of his face. He groaned but said nothing.

Gil changed the subject. "At any rate, I would have taken on another ten of those ruffians. Did you see the leader's face when Lessa cut right through his psi-shield?" Gil drew the great long sword from its sheath, it gave off a faint golden glow. Deftly, he practiced a few basic sparring moves and the sword began to glow even brighter.

Elias paid Gil little attention, his whole left side was throbbing. Feeling weak, he leaned on a nearby tree for support, thinking how much better it would be, if he could keep father from seeing his battle wounds. When he and Gil had returned from the night's festivities, he had expected to get the reproachful sermon from Lor F'aulken, but his father was still toiling in his study. Last night, he had slept restlessly, partially from the pain in his face but also from having to confront his father in the morn. Yet during the break of fast, Lor F'aulken had not retired from his writings and Elias was glad to avoid a meeting until it was fully necessary. He knew it would not matter now anyway. He was leaving in two days, bruised or not. In spite of everything, his father would not decide to forbid him to go now.

He had come to the conservatory earlier to sort out his thoughts; only, Gil had followed him. Elias didn't mind much, Gil means well and his usual barmy antics had helped him forget his own troubles for a change although it was the same barmy humor that had led them into trouble last night as well.

The conservatory was small, compared to the grander gardens but not the least lacking in beauty and serenity. An ornate clear ceiling allowed the golden light of the shield to penetrate the garden so that everything was immersed in a golden hue. Low shade trees fragmented the light but refracted it in their shining leaves producing mass prism and starburst effects in the foiliage. Tiny incandescent starflowers dimmed and brightened, in synch with the fluctuations of the shield's harmonics. In the background the faint sound of a running brook could be heard. The house had six conservatories in total though Lor F'aulken hardly spent any time in the gardens so Elias knew there would not be any chance encounters here. Deep down, he felt guilty. He would not enjoy his father's company for some time. Since his decision, their relationship had become quite strained. Lor F'aulken was a kind and just man but to some extent overriding in the affairs of his sons.

Elias espied his brother, who had tired of the pretend spar, and had resheathed Lessa, the sword to which he called his true love. At times, Elias felt his brother had an almost perverse attachment to that sword. Once, he had even presided over a staged bonding ceremony between Gil and Lessa with a squirrel and the kitchen hound as witnesses. Elias tried to smile at the recollection without aggravating his injury. Gil had always had it easier though, being first borne. Even if father treated them equally, Elias knew that the stigma of second borne was always present. Father and Gil could never relate to his feelings. Despite being free in body and will, Elias sometimes felt trapped in spirit. There were some glories that Elias would never be privileged to. The Sect was his only chance to become more than he was where the distinctions between first or second even third were inconsequential.

He knew Lor F'aulken had different plans for him. For the past year, Elias had managed the books for most of his father's trade work. He presumed that in another year or two his father would hand over full responsibility of his trade clients to him, which was more than any second borne could aspire to have. Still, working for his father, Elias knew he would never know the thrill of calling anything his own or achieving anything to his credit.

For a while now, Elias had attended the free lectures at the 'Haugen' where he became particularly inspired by the teachings of Willean Lynan the renowned Tech Priest. Lynan had proposed several new theories under the House of New Technologies. New Technologies was still a fairly recent and unfamiliar area of science and Elias was attracted to the possibilities of exploration and discovery. Perchance, something to his own merit. He began studying the new sciences voraciously on his own, Lor F'aulken's library was virtually his personal abode. Unbeknownst to his father he had filed an application to join the Sect and was surprised to receive a swift reply in acceptance. For a week he kept the letter a secret. Only Gil knew, but remained loyal to Elias and said nothing of it to their father. From time to time, Elias would retrieve the letter, rereading its contents, as if the acceptance was already verification of his worth.

In the first week he dared not to approach his father about the offer and brooded over the matter for days. Elias knew that in accepting to join the Sect, his pledge to their faith and cause would be indefinite, a pledge he was still unsure about and one his father was bound to object to. Two weeks ago, he finally worked up the courage to face Lor F'aulken, that day however, changed everything. Many points of their confrontation saddens Elias too much now to even think about, yet it had steeled his determination and given him the push to put forth his pledge. His father had later begrudgingly conceded to his wishes.

The shield light dimmed slightly and the starflowers began the twinkle and flicker, bringing his thoughts back to the present. He noticed the flashing light show and anxiously turned to Gil, "There must be a ward shield failure somewhe..." his words were interrupted when he heard his father's voice over his psi-com. Lor F'aulken requested the presence of his sons in his study. Elias glanced at Gil who was already headed towards the conservatory gate. Gil's demeanor was troubled but he still managed to flash Elias a sympathetic smile before walking out.

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