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Old Ladies

Petite old women over 60
Clutter be thy name
The art of good taste and style
Is obviously not their game
Donít think me harsh and brass
for condemning that entire class
I would be an obtuse fool
To not admit that some old fogies are extremely cool
its just that the vast majority of them
suck majorly on wots tres chic and in fashion

take my grandma for instance
sheís a darling old dear
but the contents in her house
are rather less desirable, I fear
old ladies in particularÖthatís the sad bit
develop a rather nasty old age habit
when eccentricity n senility kick in
to buy wot ever fancies them on the whim

at that age some are saddled with tremendous wealth
its argued that their taste may be detrimental to our health
old ladies have grasps the concept that less is simply a bore
putting up with such idiosyncrasies is really such a chore
the more they buy the more I cringe
they simply donít get itÖnot even a tinge

Oh I do declare,
when my landlady goes shopping its quite a scare
although she thinks the game is really her fare
to tell her otherwise, none of us would dare
even if, fashion is a matter of taste
we hold out breathes till her next purchase
which we pray will not be soon
seriously the house is bursting, there just isnít any room

besides the issue of them being spend-trifs
they also have perfected the art
of pushing their junk on you as gifts
on the otherhand..ainít it smart?
The way they recycle everything thatís in their wake
to refuse themÖis no piece of cake

the sad matter of the fact is
the question of taste and fashion is a tiresome affair
when u think of the irony of it allÖ its grossly unfair
If tasteless old women pooled their resources together
They could very well pay off third world debts forever
But I reckon they wonít even bother
Iím tired of grippingÖ.i simply canít talk any further
Look gramps thereís a sale!!!!
N thatís the end of my tale

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