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spent the night in the university again....i had thought i had seen the last of sleeping on my drafting tables in the freezing cold, last time this happened my feet got so cold that wearing socks wasn't enough i had to put my skates on as i had skated to uni without any shoes...anyway i not really in my finest mood...there are loads of things that i would rather do now..but i'm waiting for seems they really want me to pester and harras them as they don't seem to be doing the things i want them yeah i'm going to badger them and hound them at thier doors till one of then becomes my sups for my final thesis...i really am not looking forward to this...generraly i'm laid back n i don't realy mind who i get..but the prospects of being a floater and being given some lame ass sup is darn freakin yeah my back aches...i hope its worth it...i'm a bad writer....shud take down this musing spot...i look back at earlier records and cridge...have taken them all down yeah swepted the bad work under the carpet...start anew...even if its june and not january..yeah so..i've gotta go harras someomne like i said, so enjoy yourselves....

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