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Team A

StainGard aka Kealf
(terran/protoss master/1st generation) The biggest honcho who thinks he's 2 good for the game these days..i think he's trying to retire while he's still on top i call him 'dear' just to tease him...
credits:- tactical genius(arbiter recalls and darn archon mindcontrols)

Alfredo aka Alfred
(terran master/protoss aprentice/2nd generation) - Kealf right hand man and aprentice to the game...most likely to succeed him
credits:- dark templar rush in the arly parts of the game when nowan has got any bloody detectors

Nitrique aka Nicholas
(zerg master/2nd generation) - the empty tin who makes alot of kealf's words....
credits:-disallying to steal vaspene gas (we never ferget nic)

Gr4y aka Gary
(zerg master/protoss aprentice/2nd generation) one of those nobodies who has worked himself quite a rep in the sc circles, everyone is afraid of his photon cannon rushes...
credits:-pc rush,overload captalizing, hydralisk slumber parties

Team B

Dyzfuctional aka Henry
(zerg master/protoss aprentice/1st generation)) he's the taikor of the second team quite a force to be reckon with...prolly the one with the most spirit...famous last words..'i can't do this alone!!!!!!'(* love u heaps 'bear' though i know i'm hard to put up with sometimes:)))
credits:- reaverdrops and even though it doesn't show till u see the kill scores..he puts up,quite a struggle b4 he gets taken down

P3ndragon aka Oddey
(terran master/zerg aprentice /1st generation) well..i dunno..i use to be the constipated one...playing simcity 2000 in sc...albiet, if i ever get back to my glory days u better watch out for phantoms guys:))and yeah i always have to save henry's ass
credits:-nukes and lockdowns

Master aka Gordon
terran master/protoss aprentice/2nd generation) best rebounder we have....prone to last ditch victories..when all hope is gone....he's dyz's best bet..cause i'm no good.
credits:- seige tank rush/not building comsats

Zilgian aka mr lim
(protoss master/2nd generation) getting pretty good this guy..the slumber flagmatic of team B..i can still sock him if i try....

Team Missplaced

orangutan aka Elvin
(terran master/1st generation) -use to be of the four original sc players..kinda lost him to interior design...use to do really great combos with kealf..but his sc days are about close to seeing the twilight

exodus aka tehnieteam
(zerg master/2nd generation) tactical sacrafice of team A...kealfs dogma..sacrafice stephanie while we rush someone els)
credits: aloooooot of hyrdralisk slumber parties/unassisted air guardian rushes

killer soul aka leong
(terran master/2nd generation) still thinks comandos is a better game than sc credits: i have no idea how he can make so many marines!!!!!!

King kong aka King kong
(terran master/2nd generation) hardly ever see this bugger..another lost id fella...can't play random to save his life

Achilles aka Kai Peng
(zerg master/inbetween generations) our curtin compatriot....bad random player as well...and not that great a zerg player..according to kealf

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