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My father has the uncanny guiltless ability of saddling his children with the dreaded task of entertaining his my grandma followed me shopping..which meant that i had to forgo my much needed trip to the lingeree department for i took my grandma to senior citizen freindly shops..which either meant socks,shoes, living quarters or reject shop(all relatively low risk areas for old granny) .....and while in the midst of trying to look like i was really enjoying riffling through racks of clothes that would only look good on a dead moose ...n if that moose was buried. i noticed i did the most annoying thing..... everyone knows that i only speak f&b cantonese(food and beverage.. the dialect only useful for othering laksa).....and in a ditch trying to sound comprehensible and attentive to my chinese educated grandma's needs...i went about making inane reading price tags aloud and noting each and every colour of every garment in the store 'red shorts, green pants, wow look pink underwear'....sounds a lot more subtle in mangled cantonese..specially when u say it the wasy i say a mumble as so the mispronouciatin is not detected by others... and the fact that my grandma is just old and not clour blind completely eluded me in my temporary state of insanity

Ending postings are really hard....i ussualy do it with excuses like the fridge is calling me, mother nature is calling me...natural birth mother yelling at me...none of the above tonite.....tonite, i've just run outta steam...i know the thing's hanging but grandma is still well...though i think she was bored outta her mind... next time granny can follow old daddy to the pro yeah...i guess it wasn't really that bad...sigh..yeah..the end

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